How To Make Sure Your Electricity Is Working Correctly

The one thing in our homes that we want to make sure works correctly is our electricity.  If we don’t have power or if it is not functioning properly, we could end up with a lot of issues.  One way to ensure that everything is working correctly is to look for an electrician near me in Spokane WA to come and check it out.  This electrician will know what to look for and can help you avoid any problems that may arise.

Watch your power bill

A key indicator that you are having issues is to look at your power bill.  Each month your bill is calculated and you can see a chart of where it was that month the previous year.  If you start to see that your power usage is going up or spiking at different times in the month, you may want to have someone check it out.

Look for danger signs

There are many danger signs you can look at to see if you have issues with your electricity.  The first is hot cords or outlets.  If you reach for a cord or if you feel that an outlet is warmer to the touch than normal, then this is a sign of an issue.


Another thing that you want to check for are smells.  If you smell an electrical charge or something burning, then you want to check it out.  You want to also monitor your lightbulbs.  If you see that you are changing lightbulbs constantly or they flicker and dim when you turn them on, this can be a danger sign.

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Watch for tripping breakers

Another issue is breakers tripping.  Breakers are where all of the electricity is sent into the house.  From there the breakers will send power to outlets and light switches.  If your breakers here start to trip it is a sign too much power is being sent and you need to get it checked out.