Tip For Creating A Modern Bathroom

When you walk into your bathroom do you cringe at the sight?  For many of us, the bathroom is one that becomes outdated the quickest.  The tile looks dated, the lighting seems to dim and for many of us, the thought of what is growing in the corners is a major issue.  This is why when it comes time to do a bathroom remodel, bathroom ideas in augusta ga are a great thing to consider.


The first thing that you want to consider when creating a bathroom is the colors you will have.  This will help bring a brand-new life to your room.  You want to start with a warm and inviting color; a light brown, pastel blue or something that will relax you as soon as you enter.  From there the accessories such as towels and rugs will all start to add to the initial color base.

Replace the old

Once you have a basic color scheme that you will work with you want to replace all of the old items from the room and bring it down to its bare components.  You will want to do any repairs or updates to the initial structure of the room and if you want to move or adjust the placement of items, this is where you will want to begin.

When replacing your old items think of the future.  What will be hot, or what new technologies are there to make your bathroom more functional as well as inviting.  You might want to consider having a heated tile floor to keep your feet warm before and after walking in.


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You want to have great lighting.  The lighting in the room will help tie everything together.  You want to have lighting over your sink if you are going to be doing your makeup or getting yourself ready for the day in your bathroom.  You will also want to have lighting that is soft and not harsh on your eyes for those early morning visits when you are not awake.